Proceed with caution: This will destroy all of the data on your server, we are not responsible for data loss.

To install a custom OS from an ISO on your server, navigate to the VPS control panel and login. Once you have logged in, select the menu item "ISO" from the left menu. Once you are on this page, click "Add ISO". On this page you will enter your ISO image URL and a name for your ISO.

Please note that ISO file uploads are restricted to 4.7GB.

Once you have completed your ISO upload, select the menu item "List VPS" and select your server. Once you are on this page, select the dropdown menu labeled "Boot Order" and select the option that boots the CD Drive first. Once that is complete, select the dropdown menu labeled "Select ISO" and choose the ISO you just uploaded. Once that is complete, submit your changes and restart your server.

ISO Download Locations